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Private Label Tours, LLC provides an ability for Sophisticated Associations, Organizations, Foundations, Societies and all Non-Profit Entities to Actively and Beneficially Engage their Members. What better way to Connect and Interact with the People you serve?!

Together, we will create a spectacular vacation experience that showcases your caring, creates a “Buzz” among your Membership, and dazzles to delight – while also strengthening your Member’s loyalty. The Tour program we develop will become Yours – a unique proposition which increases your influence and demonstrates your commitment and position as a Valued Organization.

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Your Tour is also an ideal Strategic Platform which allows you the perfect opportunity to Maintain and Grow Your Membership with Multiple Relevant Communications, Conversations, and Impressions with your Current or Potential Members.

By offering a Private Label Tour, you’re sending a Relevant and Positive Message that shows your Interest, Creativity, and Leadership in providing an Exciting Experience to heighten Members’ Enjoyment and Add Membership Value.

Last, but definitely not least, your Tour potentially serves as a Profit Center to earn Extra Revenue by promoting your Tour to your Members. By promoting your Tour you’ll earn a percentage of the Tour Revenue received!*

Meet A Few Of Our Excellent Tour Partners And Leaders

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Jeff Cope

Gloria Schlanser

Jeremy Wilson

Gary Lawrance
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Mansions of the Gilded Age
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John  Trump

Still & Barrel: Craft Spirits in the Old North State

Robert Allison, PhD

Suffolk University

History Department

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There’s a list of smart reasons to Partner With Us – here’s a few:


We have the expertise and experience to provide your Membership with an exciting, rewarding, and beneficial Tour - Not to mention a fun vacation!

Combining your Members' interests with our commitment to Tour-Perfect℠, we will develop a completely custom multiple-day Tour based upon your Members' requirements, recommendations, and interests.

Your Tour, branded with your identity (logo, colors, and fonts, etc.) is offered to your Members your website, blog, social media, newsletter, and email list etc. For Clubs, we develop and provide a complete customized Tour display kit to promote your Tour “in-house” to active Members.

The best part - we “Take it From There,” All of the Details - All of the Work, with our Tour Perfect℠ Services.
What is Tour Perfect℠?

Tour-Perfect is our Promise, Mission, and Motto. It’s our pledge to bring Passion, Energy, and Professionalism (PEP!) to always helping our Partners create a wonderful and memorable Tour Perfect vacation.

Tour Perfect is also the term we use to describe our goal in performing our platform of Tour Design, Planning, Guest Service, Operations and Management Services. It means, among other things, Curating Vendors, Receiving  Recommendations, “Teaming-Up” with locals, Triple-Checking Reservations, developing a Contingency Plan, and treating Guests, and all people, with Appreciation and Respect. We practice Tour Perfect each day as we help Associations and Organizations expand their standing within their field, profession or interest.

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Guest Service

Operations & Management
Why Private Label Tours

The name says it all. When you Partner with Private Label Tours, our Tour Perfect performance as a dedicated tour operator becomes your opportunity – and Your Tour. We are a specialty boutique firm, and our only focus is on assisting Associations, Organizations, Foundations, Societies and other Non-Profits in providing their own outstanding “Branded Tours” – We aren’t distracted with our own catalog of tours.

We make it possible to deliver a Branded Tour that leverages your value and Membership for Better Exposure and Beneficial Rewards. Join a distinguished group of professionals and business leaders working with us, and maximize the results on your investment of time, work, and sometimes toil – that made your organization a force in your field. Just as you bring an Enthusiasm, Creativity, and Purpose to your Mission – We Do To Ours. We love working with individuals and firms that share our Desire, Intensity, and the “Pursuit of Perfection”.

Topic Experts

Boost your reach and grow your audience; Your expertise can become a “Tour Sensation,” and provide access to a dedicated group, eager to join in learning from you firsthand, and happy to share experiences with new friends, with a common interest.

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Increase your market share and grow your brand loyalty. Your retail business can become a “Tour Sensation,” and provide access to a dedicated group of customers, eager to expand their topic enjoyment, and share a common interest with new friends. Let’s start some “Buzz” around your business!

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