Promote your store and grow your business; Your Store Tour can become a “Tour Sensation,” and provide travel access to a dedicated customer base, eager to expand their enjoyment of your topic. Many will be happy to share experiences with new friends, with a common interest.

By combining the power of your customer relationships with our trusted Tour Perfect SM Team, the undeniable result is an informative, engaging and fun vacation for everyone. Your Tour Program will afford the opportunity for you, and/or your managers, to meet and enjoy the company of your customers, while they strengthen their brand loyalty. A Tour is also the perfect platform for customers to meet, socialize and enjoy time with each other.

Working With A Topic Tour Leader

Private Label Tours is able to match your Tour with a leading and respected expert. These Tour Leaders are highly-qualified, expert individuals, who enjoy presenting and sharing their skill, knowledge, and experience with an attentive audience. They will represent your brand, as a “Brand Ambassador,” with care, appreciation, and respect in providing Tour guests with friendly, professional and distinctive leadership.

We negotiate a fair fee, based on the Tour pricing, their past fees, qualifications, and their degree of expertise. The Tour is still “Yours,” branded with your name and identity, and all the credit from your customers for producing a great Tour! And, you still receive the same promotion percentage of the Tour revenue.

Financial Rewards

We will professionally custom-design and provide to you a beautiful Tour Ad to place on your website, subject to your approval, that mirrors your company “identity,” (Logo, Colors, Font, etc.). Your Ad is customized in size and imagery to match other displays on your website. The Ad, accompanied with an announcement of your Tour, will also make great content for a blog post, article, or website article section. We may provide the text copy to you or you may opt to craft a descriptive piece in your own words.

The Ad is also designed to be placed in an announcement Email, as a Newsletter item, a Social Media post, a PR story, an outside publication piece, or by any other means you wish to employ. An electronic Ad will serve as a clickable link to your Tour Page – a page hosted on the Guest section of Private Label Tours’ website, dedicated solely to your Tour. Your Tour Page will display a beautiful Gallery, outline the Tour and provide a summary, highlights, dates, pricing and other pertinent information. Your page also contains an Itinerary section which contains a detailed itinerary of the Tour. Accommodations are also shown and we provide answers to some FAQs.

No outside ads are, or ever will be, placed on the Private Label Tours website.


Speaking of revenue, those Partners who wish, or likely – insist, on conducting their Tour receive additional revenue for their Tour leadership. That’s right – you receive payment for your time and service in providing your following your Tour content. You may wish to lead the Tour, or give the “job” to a favorite manager as both a perk, and an opportunity to build customer relationships. Of course, destination lodging and meals are provided, or a meal payment is fowarded prior to departure.***

When you, or a team member leads your Tour, you’re compensated for the time and contribution. We will discuss a daily presentation fee based upon the pricing of the Tour and the amount of presentation of the itinerary.

Often, Partners wish to have other contributors present portions of the Tour to provide a bit of a “break,” or to bring a different perspective and broader content to the Tour. Many venues employ docents, curators, guides, demonstrators, craftsman, or other professional presenters who possess an intense knowledge, specialized skill, and/or a profound understanding of their particular offering. With the cost of these additional resources a reduced presentation fee would apply.

Great Advertising

We also provide you with multiple channels to assist you in gaining increased public awareness and customers! Your Tour Page will be placed on our Tour Directory Page of the Guest section, to be discovered by Guest site visitors. As appropriate, your Tour will also be featured on the “New Tours” section, and as a rotating selection on the “Related Tours” section of other pages.

Additionally, you will also receive amplified exposure with another custom-designed “Store Profile” Page outlining your brand, Tour listing, and provided photos. Your Profile will also appear in our “Tour Partners” sections. Your Page may also be placed in other areas of our site to recognize and highlight your prominence and presence as a Topic Expert.

"Looks Easy"

Many people with a passion have the “idea” to “do” a tour – but, that’s usually as far as it goes; They are then confronted with the reality of tasks and questions: trying to develop an itinerary; getting quotes (how much??); building a budget; planning activities; locating and scheduling vendors; making restaurant reservations (Closed on Mondays?); find local bus transportation (IS there an app for that?); book hotels (a 50% deposit!?); process and track registrations and payments; produce interest and guest lists, and then, if they get that far – leading and delivering the tour themselves!

You can get a headache, and tired,  just imaging all of that!

Thankfully, we are ready and able to work with you to develop a remarkable Tour that demonstrates your commitment to your industry.

Let’s create a professional, Tour Perfect SM Tour together – filled with the Attractions, Activities, Presentations, Commentary, and Experiences your customers will relish – without you trying to also be in the “Tour Business”.