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Boost your reach and grow your audience; Your expertise can become a “Tour Sensation,” and provide access to a dedicated group, eager to join in learning from you firsthand, and happy to share experiences with new friends, with a common interest.

By combining the knowledge, skills, and experience you’ve developed in your field with our trusted Tour Perfect team, the undeniable result is an informative, engaging and fun vacation for everyone to share. Your Tour Program will not only allow you to meet and enjoy your following, it is the perfect platform for customers, fans or subscribers to meet, socialize and enjoy each other.

Working With A Topic Tour Leader

What if you’d like to just promote your tour? If you don’t have the time, or inclination to personally deliver a Tour – No Worries!   

Private Label Tours is able to “match” your Tour with another leading and respected expert, who may not necessarily have their own organized audience or following. Tour Leaders are other highly-qualified, expert individuals, who enjoy presenting and sharing their experience with an attentive audience. They will represent your brand, as a “Brand Ambassador,” with care, appreciation and respect in providing Tour guests with friendly, professional and distinctive leadership.  

The Tour is still “Yours,” branded with your name and identity, and the credit from your followers for a great Tour! And, you still receive the same promotion percentage of the Tour revenue.

Financial Rewards

After the Tour package is all set and everything is in place – it’s time to tell your audience the great news!  

With your Tour promotion efforts,

Speaking of revenue, those Partners who wish, or likely – insist, on conducting their Tour receive additional revenue for their Tour leadership. That’s right – you receive payment for your time and service in providing your following your Tour content. Of course, lodging and meals are provided, or you receive a meal payment prior to departure.


Let's Talk about You tour!

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How We Work Together

First, we learn about you. What’s your specialty, your niche – the work you do that sets you apart from others in the field? Or, are you a ”Jack, or Jill, of all trades” and have a general expertise that covers the topic gamut?

Next, we discuss with you your vision for your Tour. You may have a set list of activities, attractions, locations and presentations you’re ready to begin planning. If not, we will help find and define the parameters of a great trip. An ideal place to start is what you would like to share with your guests, and analyzing what experiences someone with the interest would love to do, see and enjoy. We are experts at asking the right questions to bring the “Wow!” to the plan, and usually suggest a way to “kick it up a notch,” with a common activity or outing. Since we work with a broad and diverse group of experts and a range of topics, it’s hard to get too specific here on the Tour content determinations. Suffice it to say, with your valuable input, together we will outline a terrific itinerary.      

After we have arrived at the core of your Tour, we will ask you to reach out to vendors, colleagues, contacts, and those with which you have an established relationship to gain ”special access” that only you, or few others, could arrange. From our experience, we will offer suggestions for ways to make your Tour spectacular and memorable.

For our part, we have trusted relationships with vendors in lodging, dining, and transportation, among others, in many destinations. We will engage them to make special circumstances that match your theme, to ensure that the necessities and accouterments of the Tour are an added value to guests.

To complete the itinerary, we will research available entertainment, of a general and topic interest, for a relaxed and wonderful evening social event. With those arrangements, we then schedule and reserve the final itinerary, carefully coordinating dates and times, and planning contingencies for foreseeable detours.

"Looks Easy"

Many people with a passion have the “idea” to “do” a tour – but, that’s usually as far as it goes; They are then confronted with the reality of tasks and questions: trying to develop an itinerary; getting quotes (how much??); building a budget; planning activities; locating and scheduling vendors; making restaurant reservations (Closed on Mondays?); find local bus transportation (IS there an app for that?); book hotels (a 50% deposit!?); process and track registrations and payments; produce interest and guest lists, and then, if they get that far, leading and delivering the tour themselves. You can get tired, and a headache just imaging that.

We are ready and able to work with you to develop a remarkable Tour that demonstrates your commitment to your craft. Let’s create a professional, Tour Perfect ℠ Tour together – filled with the attractions, activities, presentations, commentary, answers, and experiences you relish to deliver – without also trying to be in the “Tour Business”.

And since we know you’re not about the “business” of “doing” a Tour, we provide a LOCAL professional Tour Director to work with you, coordinate everything, and carefully organize and manage every detail. With Tour Perfect precision the Tour Director’s mission is to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of your Tour – as one awesome “seamless” experience.

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